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    Our Cinilex® portfolio of high performance organic pigments consists of a range of high quality, FDA compliant and highly durable products for use in the plastics industry. This focused range is characterized by high chroma, high color strength, outstanding weather fastness, light fastness and heat stability in conjunction with excellent migration resistance.

    A number of products, with very low filter pressure values, also satisfy the demanding dispersion requirements of the fibers industry. Most of these pigments are available in both opaque and transparent versions, thereby affording the solutions for opaque PE film, lead-free formulations in PVC and transparent, special effect applications in PP, GPPS and SAN.

    This portfolio is fully compliant with REACH and other regulatory requirements of the global market and offers our customers the possibility to standardize their pigment selection onto just a few products.

    Whatever your plastic application, there is always a Cinilex® solution for you.

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